Tommy’s Brief History

Left home at 15 years old. Of course after leaving home I had to leave school and start working so that i could pay my own way. My first job was a trolley pusher at the local supermarket for $4 per hour. It was shit, but it was money. I started working as a bartender at my local club. The music they played in the clubs was freaking awesome so I moved into music production and produced quite a few tracks. 1 of them was for a female artist who sold her track in the Asian market and was apparently a hit. While I was in the music industry i was also working in the fitness industry as a Body Combat fitness instructor to supplement some income as the music industry is a tough field to crack. I then moved into film and television and found that this is the shit! I love it! I became an online comedian and started creating short videos on YouTube and loved the attention I was getting so now I’m pursuing this career to become a famous film director / YouTube vlogger. All my little comedy videos are uploaded to YouTube. I also work with many actors around Melbourne creating short films which are entered into film festivals around the country.

Tommy Damani the YouTube guy

My YouTube channel is TommyDamaniChanel. TommyDamaniChannel is mainly my fitness channel where I upload the famous Body Combat Tips & Tricks TUTORIALS! which are watched by thousands of Body Combat fanatics around the world. I usually upload all sorts of other fitness videos to like diet videos, weight loss videos etc. I also have a Facebook fan page for this channel called: Body Combat Tutorial Team

Another style of video is what i called TommyDamaniLIVE where I create my short, stand-up and sketch comedy videos. This is the style i’m trying to grow! This is the area I want to succeed in. Without comedy, humans are just boring. I’m usually always trying to make people laugh with a witty comment or a funny scenario. 

Another style of video is what i called TommyDamaniTUTORIALS where i create my geeky iPhone app tutorial & reviews or MacBookPro Howto videos etc. This style is for my fellow geeks & for people who search for help with technology. 

Click below and check out some of my messed up characters for TommyDamaniLIVE