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  1. My 2 year trip captured in 2 minutes!


  2. Belgium Fashion!

    I really like the last two, nice set­ting with the sun and espe­cially the smile..

  3. London Fashion!


    My scarf are from the dan­ish designer Beck Son­der­gaard, my bag are from Lin­dex and my shoes are from Din Sko!

  4. My Diet Before I Go To Belgium

    GOOD luck, bro! U can do it! Get more shapes and more six packs… Let’s workin’ out… 😉

  5. Life update

    This was really good!

  6. How to learn the guitar

    Gui­tar is not hard to learn but it needs a lot of prac­tice in order to be good at it.

  7. I’ve had enough of this place

    Hey Tommy,

    Been busy in this first world, supe­rior coun­try so I am late to post. Sorry about that! lol! I really hope you like the UK. Just a warn­ing in advance-it is beau­ti­ful, his­tor­i­cal and they dress really well but you might be amazed at their social­ist poli­cies. They won’t laugh at your hair though and good luck find­ing some­body in cen­tral Lon­don with Eng­lish as a first lan­guage. You will love it, most peo­ple do. We have can­celed our book­ing to Beirut thanks to you so I hope you know you accom­plished some­thing while you have been there!! lol

    Look for­ward to your next adventure!

    Jo and Anthony xoxo

  8. I’ve had enough of this place

    Hey Tommy, glad to find ya here and yes I’ve read ur post. All I can say “What a freakin life one would have there!!!”

    There’s a little bit similarity here in my country, some people here hate 1st world countries. Note this, only some of the people. Count me out on that 😀

  9. I’ve had enough of this place

    Aw, hugs, Tommy.

    What the hell are you doing there, anyway?

    Never mind, you’ll soon be in the UK :o) x

  10. Face to face with Hezbollah. A must read for any traveller

    Hey World Trav­eler, how is your next blog going to mea­sure up against that one. Well done stay­ing alive and don’t invite (Char­lie) to Mel­bourne! lol

    Love Jo and Anthony