Belgium Fashion!

This girl i found in a little town called Maaseik in Belgium. Her Gothic/Emo look is flawless and really suits her personality. I was searching for cuts on her body for a nice little cliche but didn’t find any =p Her selection of music is death metal of course haha and yeah she’s a real tomboy looking girl. When you actually see her live she looks remarkably beautiful. The camera really doesn’t capture¬† how unusually beautiful she really looks. She wears 2 belts for a bit of flavor, a rough torn up beani, converse sneakers, leather jacket and a shirt from a band her friend plays in and colors her hair in none other than ‘period red’. I over heard this chicky starred in a adult film? I may have heard incorrectly though.. Most likely her and her friends mucking around with the camcorder! Oh and here is the best bit.. She’s gay =D Wanna guess how old she is? =p

Because i think this girl is absolutely beautiful, i offered her a photos shoot for her own collection. These are the photos i took! I think i really captured the Gothic/Emo look i was hoping for. She wanted a few photos with her best friend. From the looks of the pics you can see how protective she would be. Using the elements in the pictures like the stone flooring and the neutral colored buildings etc.. You can really set a scene where you are walking home and decide to take a short cut through a poorly lite alley.¬† As you walk past a dumpster you can see Mana on the other side leaning against a wall lighting a cigarette. You walk past her and notice her eyes following your path. What ever you do, don’t look back!

And a smile for the last one to brighten up the mood =D