How to learn the guitar

I was teaching myself for about 3 months before i left Australia but stopped cos now I’m traveling =p I was learning with a song called Spanish Romance. This link is some guy playing Spanish Romance on YouTube: Now here are the notes to Spanish Romance: Or this one: And the following website is a […]

Playing Poker @ G Casino, London

Well i gotta say.. playing poker is the best thing ever! lol I mean really.. are people that stupid? They bet on a Q when there is a possible straight there or a possible 3 of a kind or even a K pair and they bet on a Q? a Q???? Man! I’ve been raking […]

Winter Wonderland in London

Now this was cool! Wonderland! Why would you call a ride Black Hole? With all the filthy minded people in this world why would you name a fun ride at the beloved land of wonder, Black Hole’? Or is it just me? Now this is Barry Li. Barry is a film director i met here […]

Moaiyad the Syrian boy

For some reason my attention was drawn to this young kid by the name of Moaiyad. He works at a mechanic shop and he is originally from Syria and has been here in Lebanon for many years. You see they don’t pay well in Syria so a lot of Syrians come to Lebanon because they […]

Lebanon Fashion

Lebanon was a mission to find a girl beautiful enough for my blog both in looks and style. Having such high standards can be a curse sometimes but in the end at least i get what i want. Absolute quality. Now don’t be fooled into thinking Lebanese girls look like this.. oh no, no. Linda […]

I’ve had enough of this place

I gotta say i really hate Lebanon. Don’t know if it was due to my runnings with Hezbollah from the very start but i really hate this country. Can’t believe I originate from here. Everything about it sux. It’s not the country, its the people and their mentality. For starters, they think they are better […]