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Belgium Fashion!

This girl i found in a little town called Maaseik in Belgium. Her Gothic/Emo look is flawless and really suits her personality. I was searching for cuts on her body for a nice little cliche but didn’t find any =p Her selection of music is death metal of course haha and yeah she’s a real […]

Streets Of Belgium + Video

Full moon pic. If you see in the distance, past the round about.. thats the street i lived in. To the right of that woman is the door to my place. This is the street that i was talking about before. Just further down is that round about. Now the is the same street but […]

London Fashion!

This cool ass chick is Stella and is from London. Her jacket was bought during a sale of course (what a girl) and is made from Ostrich feathers!!! “Wait a minute.. don’t we have them in Australia or something??” She then informed me that “no animals died during the making of the jacket” =p (besides, […]

Winter Wonderland in London

Now this was cool! Wonderland! Why would you call a ride Black Hole? With all the filthy minded people in this world why would you name a fun ride at the beloved land of wonder, Black Hole’? Or is it just me? Now this is Barry Li. Barry is a film director i met here […]

Moaiyad the Syrian boy

For some reason my attention was drawn to this young kid by the name of Moaiyad. He works at a mechanic shop and he is originally from Syria and has been here in Lebanon for many years. You see they don’t pay well in Syria so a lot of Syrians come to Lebanon because they […]

Lebanon Fashion

Lebanon was a mission to find a girl beautiful enough for my blog both in looks and style. Having such high standards can be a curse sometimes but in the end at least i get what i want. Absolute quality. Now don’t be fooled into thinking Lebanese girls look like this.. oh no, no. Linda […]