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My 2 year trip captured in 2 minutes!

Remember when I went on a 2 year world tour starting on May 26th, 2010? During this time I met so many awesome subscribers from my YouTube channel. Now here’s the thing, my camcorder was set to take picture whilst filming so every time I had the camcorder on, it would randomly take a picture! […]

Neil Armstrong – First Man On The Moon Dies At 82

Tributes are flowing in for Neil Armstrong, the quiet, self-described nerdy engineer who became a global hero when he stepped on to the moon. “As long as there are history books, Neil Armstrong will be included in them, remembered for taking humankind’s first small step on a world beyond our own” Neil Armstrong died on […]

My Diet Before I Go To Belgium! Update

Just had another work out in my room in aim to lose 4 Kgs before i get to Belgium! FFS man dieting is the worst thing ever.. Dam my vanity! I extended my Saturday diet for 3 days! Missed out on fat day Sunday to try.. this Saturday extension method. So its Mon-Thurs as the […]

My Diet Before I Go To Belgium

Just had another work out in my room in aim to lose 4 Kgs before i get to Belgium huhu I’m going to be in Belgium soon and I’ll stay there for 8 weeks. In this time I’ll be a guest Combat instructor with the towns best.. Combat instructor and of course just do a […]

Life update

It’s been a while since I’ve updated this blog. I’m here in the UK and loving it! I’ve been offered a position with a real estate company who wants me to take photos for all his properties and film virtual tours of all his properties for his website so he asked me to do it!!! […]

How to learn the guitar

I was teaching myself for about 3 months before i left Australia but stopped cos now I’m traveling =p I was learning with a song called Spanish Romance. This link is some guy playing Spanish Romance on YouTube: Now here are the notes to Spanish Romance: Or this one: And the following website is a […]

Playing Poker @ G Casino, London

Well i gotta say.. playing poker is the best thing ever! lol I mean really.. are people that stupid? They bet on a Q when there is a possible straight there or a possible 3 of a kind or even a K pair and they bet on a Q? a Q???? Man! I’ve been raking […]