How to learn the guitar

I was teaching myself for about 3 months before i left Australia but stopped cos now I’m
traveling =p I was learning with a song called Spanish Romance.

This link is some guy playing Spanish Romance on YouTube:

Now here are the notes to Spanish Romance:


Or this one:


And the following website is a guitar chords website that will easily show you where to place your fingers:

Play the YouTube link of Spanish Romance while you read the notes for Spanish Romance on the other website and try to work out how to read it. If you cannot work out how to ready it then stop reading and go ask a friend who might know. If he doesn’t know.. Well that sux to be you lol

Once you understand how to read it, go to the chords website to see where you need to place your fingers for the first bar of Spanish Romance and away you go!

Just keep nailing the first bar until you are comfortable with the rhythm and fingering (Gigidy) then move on to the next.

This is how you teach yourself

Have fun!