I’ve had enough of this place

I gotta say i really hate Lebanon.

Don’t know if it was due to my runnings with Hezbollah from the very start but i really hate this country. Can’t believe I originate from here. Everything about it sux. It’s not the country, its the people and their mentality. For starters, they think they are better then Australians and yes I’ve heard this come out of peoples mouths and trust me the majority of the people think the same. Now a lot of them hate America and probably think all 1st world countries are like them. They have that bullshit “I’m proud to be Lebanese” zzz what ever. If they want to think that then fine but i mean really.. 3rd world country saying they are better than a 1st world country? If they are so better then why are there 7 million Lebanese people living outside Lebanon and only 4 million living inside? And lets not forget the percentage of those 4 million wanting to get out! Now i have never understood the whole “I’m proud to be a ‘Lebanese’ or an ‘Australian’ or a ‘Greek’ or an ‘Italian’ or what ever country you’re from. I simply do not get it! What difference would YOU make if you’re ‘fighting’ for your beliefs that your country is the best when half of you don’t even know what your country is even all about?

And more to the point, what have YOU done to make a difference in your country that you are so proud of? How many tissues have you thrown out the window?  Cigarette butts on the floor? How many people in your country have you told to go fuck themselves? How many people have you pushed in front of when they’re waiting to be served? Who have you lied to? How many times have you realised the store gave you too much change and you walked off without saying anything? How many of you have bought something, broken it then returned it to the store telling them it was already broken? So you’re proud that you live in a country that you can lie, deceive and treat like garbage? YOU ARE PATHETIC!

Check this, I was riding my scooter minding my own business yeah, when i was caught up in some traffic and found myself to the left of some four wheel drive. All of a sudden the dude pops his baldy head out the window and says in Arabic: “are you for real with that hair?” i act all ignorant and in a real big Aussie accent said: “What are you saying mate?” so he said in English: “why you have this hair?” Are you for real? i said. “You’re baldy, you want some is it?” Then the baldy McFatty drove off after my remark. The dude was about 45 years old with wife and child in the car and he’s making fun of someones hair? hair?????? I get this hair business on a daily basis. Yes every single day that I’ve been here in Lebanon I’ve had some asswipe make some remark or point and laugh at my hair. In Lebanon my hair style is apparently “for the gay” as they say and they are too fkn stupid to react in any other way but derogatory. “I’m so proud”








This is what my hairstyle looks like with it all tied up with a pony tail at the back. I always have it tied up like this. Does this or any other hair style warrant someone to bully and harass? Over a fucking hair due? And its not even a crazy due either with pink and blue colors and what ever else or short and long bits every where.. its just a little long and tied back. These people are pathetic.

I‘ve always been grateful that I’m an Australian and already knew how lucky we are but after seeing Lebanon it just makes me think how unfortunate they really are. For starters, they have a government that fucks them over whenever they get the chance. Here are examples of what i mean:

The government charges Lebanon for electricity but cuts the electricity in and out through out the day which effects your day to day life. So think about it.. we’re talking microwaves, washing machine, lights, computers, television, hair dryers, hot water system, internet.. what else do you use that requires power? So how can one do their laundry when the power cuts in and out all the freakin time? The worst part about it is that it’s only during the day when the power cuts out when its mostly needed and never at night when everyone is sleeping.. Go figure? Now check this, most people here in Lebanon have what they call ‘motor’ or as we would call it ‘generator’ or ‘back-up power’ which is supplied by a 3rd party company, they charge MORE for this service than the actual electricity supply! Worse thing is the generator power is only 5amps so you cannot run washing machines on the 5amp power supply! And what about your fridge? And the food in it? How safe is your food after the fridge being off on a hot day for 6-8hours or more? Not to mention people of course going in and out through out the day to get food or drinks? Oh you can get a higher amp but it will also cost you much more. Some people say it’s due to the country not having enough fuel to power the power plant or what ever they have but come on.. where is the governments money going? Straight into their fucking pockets thats where.

Here’s another..

I used shipping company in Australia ‘Jetta’ that shipped off 3 boxes from Australia to Lebanon weighing at 22kg. I received an email stating it has arrived in Lebanon and to go pick up the boxes from the office near the airport. When my cousin and i got to the location, we were escorted to the building by 2 men who seemed to work there.. they had ID badges clipped to their shirts etc.. these 2 men directed us to where we needed to go and stayed with us as we needed to go through the fkn amazon and back let me tell you. we went from one office to another for over an hour! The ‘formalities’ as they liked to call it. We had paperwork that needed to be signed and stamped and stamped and signed… how many fkn stamps and signatures to you need? Give me my dam boxes! no shit we would’ve gone to about 15 different locations with-in this building just to get something stamped or signed. At one stage it was like ‘hall way ping pong’ Now If you look at the diagram i made in paint lol the offices looked like that. A hall way with little windows with stinky Arabs in them. lebanon_blog_paint_imageWe went from one side to the other to the other etc.. about 7 times. Now check this.. in the same image, check out teller number 3. When we got to this guy, he was ignoring us. We waited for 10 minutes and he was still ignoring us. I said to the tour guide, “whats wrong with him?” He replied: “he’s in a not in a good mood today” I’m like “who gives a fuck tell him to get over it and serve us” he says: “no, if we say something he will go home and you will have to come back tomorrow” so we waited. Now hitting the 20 minute mark, we have other people behind us also waiting for this guy to serve them. a colleague of his walks into his office from the back and then walks out with him.. 10 minutes later he comes back alone and still ignores us. He was in there just casually sorting out his desk, drinking his coffee, smoking his cigar.. yes that’s right smoking his cigar in this government building and ignoring the line outside his window. now passing the 30 minute mark I’m like FFS man is this guy for real? He then says “yes?” we give him our papers, he doesn’t even look at them, stamps them and we’re on our way!!! It took him 5 seconds.

Now here is where it gets juicy..

From office to office, sometimes we had to pay between 1,000 – 3,000 Lebanese pound (1.500 LP = 1USD) so we ended up paying about 12,000 LP all up which was rather cheap i thought even though they are my freakin boxes what do you need my money for? So luckily we had these guys directing us to where we needed to go! So at the end we got my boxes and loaded the car and off we went to the security gates where out ‘tour guides’ were there waiting for us. We exited the gates and then pulled over to talk to them. My cousin and the 2 guys were chit chatting while having a smoke then the guy asked my cousin for payment. My cousin knew that he was going to ask for payment anyhow as he told me in the car so i thought yeah no probs just tip him and lets go. My cousin asked how much he wants and he goes.. “aaaahhh wellll mitain dollar” which is $200USD..!? WTF – 200?????? so there is my cousin and these 2 guys arguing about this fee they wanted to charge! I’m like what the hell are you charging $200 for? This is your fucking job isn’t it? So lemme get this straight. The officials inside want $8 but you want $200 for doing what you are already getting paid for?? lol

As a tourist, I’ve found that people in Lebanon will try to scam money off you in any way possible.

Taxi drivers, convenience store, graphic designer company, electronic stores you name it they will try and rip you if they can get away with it. One mofo graphic designer asshole quoted me $3000 to change a few codes on my website. Can you believe that? Lets charge the stupid tourist who doesn’t know any better a few thousand extra maybe? Sorry to be right out and blunt but these mofos should be happy that tourists are here to visit their 3rd world country and see the wonders of Lebanon but instead we get bullied, teased and ripped off and leave with the thought I’m expressing here today and a motive to warn any traveler we meet that it is simply not worth coming here.

And the finale..

Before i came to Lebanon my aunt came to Lebanon for a holiday to see her family. While she was going to Lebanon i thought it would be a good opportunity to get her to organise my Lebanese papers which requires a passport photo. When she got to the government building they looked at my photo and said “what is with his hair?” so what they did is they photoshopped my original passport photo.. yes that’s right they edited my photo! took out my long hair, took out the lines in my face.. took out the bags under my eyes, basically made me look 10 years younger! but wait there’s more.. they charge her $50 to do it!?! did we ask for it to be photoshopped u money hungry assholes? They said that it ‘must’ be done!! This is the government man the freakin government editing my photo for my Lebanese ID!?! Are you for real?????

Any way possible to make money off you. These are only a few stories I’ve told you. I have so many more and could go on and on but i think this is enough for you to feel my frustration about this place.

I cannot wait to leave and get into a civil world. This country is fucked up.