London Fashion!

This cool ass chick is Stella and is from London. Her jacket was bought during a sale of course (what a girl) and is made from Ostrich feathers!!! “Wait a minute.. don’t we have them in Australia or something??” She then informed me that “no animals died during the making of the jacket” =p (besides, Australia has Emu’s not Ostrich’s)

Shoes are from a store called Top Shop and was purchased for ÂŁ30 – The retro leather bag was stolen from her mum (since her mum won’t be using it any more) and is now recycled by Stella, topped off with her funky ass hat bought from HnM.





And here is Tom! Wait.. i feel some connection with this guy that i can’t work out.. anyhow Tom is from Kent originally but lives in London. His fluffy choice of socks was due to the weather being cold that day.. He’s wearing a Lee denim shirt which he got for free from Mr Lee himself =p Check out how many piercings he has!





Have a look at her beautiful smile! Marta is from Poland and if i remembered correctly, she is a model! Dam straight she is! And now she is a Tommy Damani model 😉

Her shoes are actually vintage and was bought from a store named Bailey. Do you know it? The ring is from a designer named Anna Sui and was bought in Japan.



Manos is from Athens living in the UK. I spotted him working in Dr Martins which is a shoe store in Soho, London so i dragged him out to take a few pics.

His denim vest is customized by himself. His tee shirt is from Kazon Dozai. Trousers are a brand named Unconditional. Boots from Dr Martins also customized by himself. I’m guessing the yellow laces and the studded collars..


I‘ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Girls from Holland are the hottest in the world! Pam was on holiday in the UK like me! She wasn’t wearing anything special that caught my eye but the simplicity of her outfit really works. Her coat was made by her mum, jeans are from Philip Bakarr and the scruffy boots are of course Ugg boots. Her scarf is from viper, a Dutch store. (correct me if I’m wrong Pam)




Ida from Norway. OMG She is sooooo cuuuuuuuute!!! Ida’s scarf is from a Danish designer named Beck Son­der­gaard. I’m defo a fan of massive scarfs so this is why i grabbed her. Her bag is from a designer named Lin­dex bought a few years ago. Shoes from a Norwegian store called Din Sko if you’ve heard of it?




Here are 2 random guys i took pics of. Guy No. 1 is a 25 year old Italian guy named Simone. He’s done modeling before. He works as a bartender in London. He shops at H&M and his preferred designer is YSLaurent. Heard of him? Simone’s dream is to one day open a cocktail bar on a beach in Brazil. I wish you make your dream real Simone!

& guy number 2 didn’t speak English i don’t remember?! Just a couple of pics